The Android App is a complete free handbook of basics of civil engineering with diagrams and graphs for better understanding. The app brings in a flashcard like presentation, the app is best way to learn the subject quickly and revise at the same time.
This is great at the time of exams and interviews to quickly go through the topics listed. The app covers notes on Civil Engineering, it elaborates more than 60 topics of the subject. These topics are divided in 4 units. You can consider this App as a notes which professors guides with in a classroom.
Some of topics Covered in this application are:-

1- Accuracy of angle measurement

2- Precision Measuring Instruments

3- Definition of horizontal and vertical angles

4- Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)

5- Comparators 

6- Electrical Measuring Devices

7- Potentiometer

8- Micrometers

9- Height Gauge

10- Stick Micrometers

11- Inside Micrometer

12- Impact of Infrastructural Development on the Economy of a Country

13-Role of Civil Engineers

14- Importance of Planning, Scheduling and Construction Management

15- Introduction of Surveying and levelling

16- Equipment

17- Levelling procedures

18- Object and Uses of Surveying

19- Overview of Design Codes for Plastic Design

20- Primary Divisions of Surveying

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