Around 2 decades ago, engineers were dependent on their technical skills as they have to do everything on paper, from designing of the elevations to the planning of the building. However, in the current era, things are more dependent on the computers for most of the engineering works. If you are a civil engineer and not able to carry your Laptop everywhere on the field but still need some important applications for calculations and designing. Here we list some great Android Apps for Civil Engineering which every Civil Engineer must have on his Android smartphone or tablet

1- AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is the mobile transformation of AutoCAD software. It not only allows you to view all the DWG/DXF files on your Android smartphone or tablet, but it also allows you to perform basic editing functions such as stretching a line, deleting a line from a plan, adjust the dimensions, drawing basic shapes, measurement, exporting to PDF/JPG etc. Although it may be bit difficult to perform the editing functions on Smartphone but this app is a must for every Civil Engineer.

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 AutoCAD 360

2- Civil Calculator

It may appear like a normal converter app, but this Civil Calculator is actually designed for civil engineers as it consists of all the important conversion units required in civil engineering. It is pretty useful when you’re on the field for a survey and require a unit conversion in an instant.

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Civil Calculator

3- Civil Sutra

This app is very useful for the calculation of material quantities such as cement, mortar brickwork etc. This app also provides features such as Area calculator and unit conversion. It also allows you to calculate the dead load, live load and moment with the approximate values. However, some features are locked in the app which you may need to unlock by collecting coins or buy buying their app. We definitely recommend this app for every civil engineer.


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Civil Sutra

4- Civil Quantity Estimator

This is another Cost and Estimation app for Android with a very user-friendly interface. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office or on the field. All you need to do is enter the required dimensions and values and the application will provide you an approximate cost and estimation of your project. This app does require improvements, but it is still a useful app for every civil engineer.

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Civil Quantity Estimator

5- Reinforced Concrete

This app allows you to do all the quick calculations of beams or reinforced concrete slabs. However, the design values used for calculation in this app is based on Polish and Europe design codes. Still it gives an approximation of the other codes. You can buy their Pro Version for all the detailed design calculation features. We hope they will implement other design codes in future.

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Reinforced Concrete

6- Civil Engineering Dictionary

This is yet another must-have app for every civil engineer. This dictionary consists of over 10,000 words and terminologies related to civil engineering along with their definitions and images. You can also add a new term and save it for later. This app has a simple user-interface and is well optimized for low spec smartphones.

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Civil Engineering Dictionary

7- EpicFEM

As the name suggests, this app works on the principle of Finite Element Method and is pretty useful for the structural analysis. You can do the analysis of complex beam structures or can perform a complete modal analysis. This app is pretty useful for structural engineers and is probably the best free android app for structural analysis.

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