Wet concrete has less volume than that of dry concrete because the wet concrete constituents make a bond with each other through bind material(cement) and it squeezes thus bring the wet concrete into less volume and it has been calculated that this ratio by which the dry concrete have more volume is 1.54

The volume of one cube which having length×width×height =1 m3(wet volume). If the wet volume is converted into dry volume then the dry volume is increased 54% of wet volume.

Dry volume =1+(54/100×1)=1.54 m3

Then considering a grade of concrete M15 having ratio (1:2:4)

ratio Sum = 1+2+4=7


Volume of broken stone Require=4/7×1.54=0.88 m3


In m3=2/7×1.54=0.44 m3

In kg =2/7×1.54×1450 (unit w.t of sand)=638 kg

In cft=2/7×1.54×35.3147 (1m3=35.3147)=15.54 cft


In m3=1/7×1.54=0.22 m3

In kg= 1/7×1.54×1440 (density of cement)=316.8 kg

In bag =we know that one bag of cement weight is 50kg then 3.16.8 kg contain 316.8/50=6.336 say 7 bags of cement.

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