We are going to discuss 9 important points you should consider when you make reinforcement estimate. Estimation of steel reinforcement quantity is required for calculating the cost of RCC structure along with other building materials as per construction drawing.

For perfect estimates for reinforcement, consider the following points 

1- For beam hook= (beam depth – both side covers)/2.
As for instance, if the depth of the beam is 450mm, then hook will be (450-50)/2=200, here cover for beam is considered as 25 mm
2- For stirrups the hook=4d in accordance with codes but as per site conditions, it should be 50 mm per-hook at the time of carrying out bar bending schedule.

3- For slab the rod, the crank length is l/5.
4- For beam, the bottom extra is at l/6.

5- For slab the top extra expands up to l/3.
6- For beam, the top extra bar expands up to l/3.

7- The column capitals expand up to l/4.
8- Where l denotes the actual length of the beam. It is considered as a centre to centre of the beam.
9- The crank length is 1.41d, where d denotes the depth of slab or beam – two side cover.

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