In this context, we are going to show the difference between plastering and pointing.

1- Plastering is used to protect the exposed surface of masonry. However, in pointing only joints are properly filled with mortar.

2- Cement, sand and lime are used in plastering. In pointing, we use just cement mortar.

3- The plastering is done on both sides of the surface (both inside and outside). However, pointing is done only on the outer side of the wall.

4- In plastering work, we use a large number of materials. However, in pointing, we use less amount of mortar.

5- After plastering, the defects of the masonry are not visible. However, after pointing, the surface does not become smooth and plain.

6- When we plaster the wall, after the plastering work, the surface becomes smooth and plain. However, after pointing, the defects of masonry can be seen.

So, these are the differences between plastering and pointing.

For more  information watch this video

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