Two terms are generally used in the reinforcements of slabs. Main bars and Distribution bars, in this post we are going to explain you the difference between main bar and distribution bar in slab the concept was explained in simple words so you can easily understand, their differences and where these bars are provided in R.C.C slab.

Difference Between Main bars and distribution bars in slab

1- Normally Main bars are provided at the bottom of the distribution bar in slabs. But distribution bars are provided on the top of the main bar.

2- Main bars are provided in the shorter span of the slabs. But distribution bars are provided in the longer span of the slabs.

3- Higher dimension bar is used as the main reinforcement bar. Lower dimension bar is used as distribution bars.

4- Main reinforcement was provided to counter the bending moment, tensile stresses and superimposed load. But Distribution bars are used to distribute the load equally, resist the shrinkage stress (Temperature variation) or hold the mesh in his desired position.

5- Main reinforcement bar is used to transfer the bending moment to beams. Distribution bars are used to resist the shear stress, and cracks developed at the top of the slab.

6- Main bars in the slab won’t be less than 8mm if you are using (HYSD) or 10mm if you are using (Plain bars) and the Distribution bars is also not less than 8mm diameter and the bar won’t be more than 1/8 of the thickness of the slab.

To get more information watch this video

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