This construction video is recorded to show you how to create the design of a square tie reinforced concrete column on the basis of ACI codes.

This is the second part of the first construction tutorial video on ACI-318 requirements for columns. The objective of designing this column is to provide support to an axial dead load of 135 kips and an axial live load of 175 kips. Start with 2% Ast and take fc’ = 4ksi, fy = 60 ksi

Design Solution: The column will be designed by following six steps:

1- Define design axial load = pu
2- Assume a reinforcement proportion. It should be from 1% to 8%

3- Compute section size or gross area = Ag
4- With that gross area, compute the amount of reinforcement = Ast
5- Accept concrete cover (best value will be 1.5 in)

6- Perform detailing check

To get more information, go through the following video

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