Go through this useful construction video tutorial to learn how to estimate the quantity for different types of arches like a semi-circular arch, full circular arch and segmental arches. Types of arches are dependent on various factors like shape, the material of construction, workmanship and number of centres. An arch is built up in curved shape to transmit the load from above to supports (pier or abutment).

Full Circular Arch: It is just a complete circle.

Segmental Arch: It belongs to the elementary type of arch that is specifically designed for buildings in which Centre of the arch is positioned underneath the springing line. In this type of arch, the thrust is delivered to the inclined direction to the abutment.

Semi-Circular Arch: The shape of the arch curve appears to be semi-circle and the thrust transmitted to the abutments is flawlessly toward the vertical direction because skewback is horizontal. In this type of arch, the Centre is situated accurately on the springing line.

To get information watch this video

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