The quantity of steel depends on the type of structure, not on concrete volume. The quantity of steel varies from member to member such as beam, column, slab, footings etc. Because the load-carrying capacity of different members is different. In this article, I will discuss the steel requirements for different RCC elements.

Let’s take an example

A column is to build with 4% concrete volume. So the steel required for that column is

= (4/100)x1 x 7850 [ Density of 1m³ steel = 7850 kg]

We can follow the following thumb rules for different RCC members.

1- Steel requirement for RCC beam = 1 to 2% or 78.5 kg to 157 kg/m³

2- Steel requirement for RCC column = 0.8 to 6 % or 62.8 kg to 471 kg/m³

3- Steel requirement for RCC Slab = 0.7 to 1% or 55 kg to 78.5 kg/m³

4- Steel requirement for RCC Lintel = 0.7 to 1% or 55 kg to 78.5 kg/m³

5- Steel requirement for Foundation = 0.5 to 0.8% or 34.25 to 62.8 kg/m³


These are just approximate estimates.

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