Shuttering is an essential temporary structure in which the fresh concrete is poured for casting different members of a structure. The shuttering is removed when concrete achieves its desired strength. There are different materials used in making shuttering such as plywood (as shuttering plate) Nails, wooden battens, beam bottom plates, wooden bullies, shuttering oil etc. In this article, we discuss how to calculate the quantity of shuttering by using thumb rule.

What is the thumb rule?

It is defined as we chose a constant number for the approximately quantity calculation (Any think), with the help of our experience and our daily practice. The result we get by using thumb rule is nearly equal to the actual quantity. So the thumb rule is considered as the easiest way to calculate the approx quantities.

What is Running Feet rft?

Running feet is defined as the abject front face width and height is to be considered as fixed but how long is the object was to be measured in rft means running feet. The length of the object.

For better understanding lets solve this example for shuttering quantity calculation.


Suppose we have a covered area is 200o square feet and over there we need to construct the R.C.C slab. So we need to calculate the quantity to tell the contractor.

To calculate the quantity of Shuttering Plywood, Nails, Shuttering oil, clamps etc.?

Given data

Covered Area = 2,000 square foot.

Shuttering type = Wooden 

The quantity of shuttering =?


The quantity of the shuttering is to be done in numbers or in running feet.

1- plywood: 12 mm thick (8′ X 4′)

= Covered area x Thumb rule

= 2000 sft x 0.02

40 No’s Ans…

2- Wooden  battens : (3″*3″)

= Covered area x Thumb rule

=2000 sft x 0.4

800 rft (running feet) Ans…

3- Beam bottom plates: (1.5″ thick)

= Covered area x Thumb rule

= 2000 x 0.24

480 rft (running feet) Ans…

4- Wooden ballies

For Slab = Covered area x thumb rule

= 2000 x 0.16

320 No’s Ans..

For Beam = Beam bottom plate running feet x thumb rule

= 480 x 0.5

240 No’s Ans…

5- MS clamps

= Covered area x thumb rule

= 2000 x 0.08

160 No’s An..

6- Shuttering oil

= Covered Area x thumb rule

= 2000 x 0.006

12 litters Ans..

Note: These all quantities are approximately little less or more to the actual quantity is going to use at the site. For actual quantity measurement, you need to properly take all the dimensions (Length, Width ) and then subtract that areas over which shuttering is not going to use and then you can calculate the exact calculation.

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