Favourite rubric – works from wood. DIY wood projects interesting area for old furniture or searches new ideas about home decor or more.   For example, there is a chair that you do not want to throw out or not needed small building materials that can be turned into useful things.

Cheap DIY Chair


You need: a little cement, water, three wooden sticks and a little patience

Ikea trick, as from cheap furniture – to make expensive furniture or to decorate it in a unique way.

the same thing, only instead of Ikea accessories, its own furniture.

(DIY nightstand ideas) You need steel furniture, plywood and glue.

A DIY outdoor chair which will create cosiness for your garden or backyard.

DIY Coffee table

You will need: wood, paint and stain, size and a little patience

Sofa table – a small project for your room or garden.

Minimalist coffee table. You need a piece of wood, steel furniture, paint or stain and self-tapping screws.

Variant for sofa coffee table. Cool and easy)

Woodworking plans consider also such as sofas and tables.

DIY sofa ideas

You need: wood panels, Ikea pillows, self-tapping screws and paint

Sofa pallets ideas about your garden or backyard.

bench DIY

DIY Shelf

floor stand

DIY shelf wall

 decor ideas

DIY table

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