Dowel bar is a terminology used in concrete pavements in general. Dowel bars are round steel bars (not torr steel). The bars are placed between two concrete slabs so that loads are transferred between the two slabs and allowing for any horizontal movement also (due to expansion).

Where is it to be used?

Mostly those bars are provided in column, staircase, slab. Because these are the possible area may be extended in the future. The dowel bar length will be in the range of 45d to 50d (d- Dia of the bar).

Purpose Of Dowel Bar

1- To transfer the load from one slab to its adjacent slab such that two consecutive slabs move together and reduce impact loading developed by the slabs by their independent movement.

2- To reduce joint faulting and corner cracking.

3- To improve the performance of pavement joints.

Placement of Dowel bars

1- Must always be parallel to centre-line

2- New channels must be cut so at least one-half of dowel can be on each side of the joint or crack

Advantages Of Dowel Bars

1- reduces deflection and stresses.

2- It increases the load-carrying capacity of slabs.

3- It increases the initial pavement life.

Recommended length of Dowel bar their sizes 

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