What is Corium?

Corium is a unique brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost-effective fast track installation. It offers a facing brick finish for projects where a façade system is required, rather than traditional masonry.

The Corium system comprises brick slip tiles specially manufactured to fix/clip mechanically to a steel backing section. The mechanical feature of ‘clipping’ is something unique to the Corium system. They are manufactured in 2400mm lengths, additional lengths can be manufactured with an extra cost. The height of the rails which are used within the system are; 60mm, 67mm and 75mm. The system has been established and widely used in the UK for 15 years after gaining BRE accreditation.

Steps of installation

1. Strength Rows of profiled steel sections are fixed to the backing structure. Sections are designed to interlock vertically.

2. Speed Corium brick tiles are simply clipped into place by hitting the brick tile with a rubber mallet. The clipping process ensures that consistent horizontal joints are achieved, whilst vertical joint spacing can be adjusted to suit design requirements.

3. Simplicity Once all the Corium brick tiles are installed and the quality approved, mortar is applied. Prebagged Parex Historic KL mortar is preferred as it has been developed specifically for the system and suits the characteristics of the tiles. The preferred joint profile is bucket-handle.

The standard tile has visible face dimensions of 215 x 65mm to match standard UK brick size. Alternative tile heights of 50mm, 57.7mm, 140mm and 215mm are available. Tile length can vary (depending on tile height) up to 327mm. The maximum possible tile size is 215mm (H) x 327mm (L). All tiles have a thickness of 32mm. The Corium system (tiles, rails and mortar) has an overall weight of approximately 68kg/m2.

The benefits of Corium

1- Durability

When used in normal exposure conditions, CORIUM can have a design life in excess of 35 years (BBA section 10)

2- Behaviour in relation to fire

The CORIUM system components are Class A1 as defined in the national Building Regulations (BBA section 7)

3- Air and water penetration

The CORIUM cladding system minimises water penetration and the risk of damage to the inner wall (BBA section 8)

4- Strength and stability

The CORIUM brick cladding system can be designed to resist wind actions normally encountered in the UK (BBA section 6)

For more information watch this video

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