Abbreviations used in Civil Engineering

DPC– Damp proof course.

RCC– Reinforced cement concrete.

RBC– Reinforced Brick concrete.

R.B.W– Reinforced brickwork.

C.I.Sheet – Corrugated Iron sheet.

C.I.Pipe– Cast iron pipe.

NCF– Neat cement finishing.

SWG – Standard wire gauge.

MB– Measurement book.

GP-Ground plane.

VP– Vertical plane.

HP– Horizontal plane.

CP– Cement plaster.

LC– Lime concrete.

CC– Cement concrete.

AC– Asbestos cement.

CS– Comparative statement.

PERT– Programme Evaluation and Review Technique.

CPM– Critical path method USD-Ultimate strength design.

W.S.D– Working stress design.

PL– Plinth level.

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