Following are few general points to remember for civil site engineers to make the construction work easier while maintaining the quality of construction.

1- Minimum thickness of the slab is 125 mm.

2- Water absorption should not be more than 15 %.

3- Dimension tolerance for cubes + – 2 mm.

4- Lapping is not allowed for the bars having diameters more than 36 mm.

5- Chair spacing maximum spacing is 1.00 m (or) 1 No per 1 m2.

6- For dowels rod minimum of 12 mm diameter should be used.

7- Chairs minimum of 12 mm diameter bars to be used.

8- Longitudinal reinforcement not less than 0.8% and more than 6% of gross C/S.

9- Minimum bars for the square column are 4 No’s and 6 No’s for the circular column.

10- Main bars in the slabs shall not be less than 8 mm (HYSD) or 10 mm (Plain bars) and the distributors not less than 8 mm and not more than 1/8 of slab thickness.

11- Minimum thickness of the slab is 125 mm.

12- Dimension tolerance for cubes + 2 mm.

13- Free fall of concrete is allowed a maximum of 1.50 m.

14- Lap slices not be used for bars larger than 36 mm.

15- Water absorption of bricks should not be more than 15 %.

16- The PH value of the water should not be less than 6.

17- Compressive strength of Bricks is 3.5 N / mm

18- Use formulas: D2/162 to find the unit weight of steel in kg/m where is Diameter of steel mm or D2/533 (kg/ft)

19- In steel reinforcement binding wire required is 8 kg per MT.

20- In soil filling as per IS code, 3 samples should be taken for the core cutting test for every 100 m2.

21- Electrical conduits shall not run in columns.

22- Earthwork excavation for the basement above 3 m should be stepped from.

23- Any backfilling shall be compacted 95% of dry density at the optimum moisture content and in layers not more than 200 mm for filling above structure and 300 mm for no structure.

24- Cement shall be stored in dry places on a raised platform about 200 mm above floor level and 300 mm away from walls. Bags to be stacked not more than 10 bags high in such a manner that it is adequately protected from moisture and contamination.

25- A set of cube tests shall be carried out for each 30 cum of concrete / each level of casting / each batch of cement.

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