Cobiax Slab: Excellent roofing system, Used as an alternative to conventional construction systems and reduced concrete and rebar in construction.
These tiles are of the type Ball = Double deck slab
Cobiax is a unique roofing system, used as an alternative to traditional structural systems. Occupies a place in roofs to remove dead and inefficient loads in concrete, which reduces the amount of concrete and reinforcement in the construction.
Cobiax also distinguishes concrete quantities by 99% due to fully closed Cobiax models. In addition to the many benefits provided by the presence of the cage that contains the problems of the vacuum.

Reasons behind Cobiax technology to include in the construction industry:

  • Industrialization
  • Ecological technology
  • Chances of establishment for manufacturing plants
  • With regard to the issue of architectural and structural flexibility
  • Technology and to vie cost-effectively with conventional systems
  • No noteworthy investment is required to build factories of raw materials
  • No need for a skilled workforce and take advantage of available forces
  • Lack of dependence on overseas compatibility issues and building national regulations of the country

Advantages of Cobiax system architecture

  • The console can run up to 7 m
  • The various user acceptance
  • Ease of use changes both the horizontal and vertical
  • Ability to create any kind of shape and size pop-up roof
  • Elasticity in the architectural plan
  • Enhance the useful space (scripting span up to 18 meters without the column)

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