Gorgeous Gabion Wall Ideas To Amazing Your Space

Gabions are a combo of wire and rocks. These two materials are often used separately for versatile DIY projects. But when combined, they can also beautify your outdoors. Gabion walls are the most common result of such combos and today we want to give you some tips on how to build such walls in your outdoors.

Gabion walls are mainly galvanized steel baskets filled with rocks. They can differ in size and appearance and you can place such baskets anywhere you like. For example, if you are missing some fence in your yard, you can make one out of gabion to add more privacy over there. And it will for sure look good because the natural look of the rocks fits perfectly with the landscape. Or besides fences, you can also use gabion walls for garden edging, fire pits, benches, or other outdoor furniture pieces, etc.

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