These are “Geocells” used to improve weak soil strata’s strength/bearing capacity and arrest the settlement due to loading. Engineers are using these geocells as reinforcing material and putting asphalt mixed aggregates into the holes of the geocell. These geocells arrest the lateral displacement of asphalt mix aggregate subsequently increasing the loading capacity of the road. These problems can be solved with road-building techniques that can handle high vehicle loads while still being environmentally sound. This water-permeable grid paving may be a viable alternative to asphalt or concrete roads.

The geocell slope protection system provides excellent protection for slopes against erosion through its designed expandable, robust, and cellular structure. It confines the desired infill and resists the downward migration of material due to hydraulic flows. The infill materials are based on the requirement of the projects. Topsoil is for well-establishing vegetation systems; granular infill is for non-vegetation slopes; concrete is best for hard, durable protection for severe conditions.

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