Everyone wants their dream home to look stunning and perfect, right? Whether you’re an architect who is designing a home or the owner of the house, a lot of time and focus goes into planning so that everything will execute accurately. Many people think that interior design and decoration are the main part of the house building process. However, there are many factors that are vital to making a home a perfect space for living. One of the most crucial factors is the Front Elevation Design!

The elevation design of a building plays an important role in architecture. It not only makes the structure visually appealing but also adds to its environmental and commercial value.

Those who want to build a bungalow house but would want it to look higher and more sophisticated than a traditional bungalow would prefer an elevated single floor design.  Front elevation in bungalow designs is becoming popular these days.  It gives a look of uniqueness and obviously, it is a head-turner.

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