Simple matters of addition are usually considered child’s play. What if you arrange a couple of laughably easy equations in a specific order and then add a logical question to them? Then they can become a real puzzler. Take a look at the math puzzle below and see what you make of it. Also, check the clock before you start. How fast can you do this?

Ready to solve the equation?

Mull it over a few minutes and then write down your answer. Don’t cheat by scrolling down, however! Alright, pencils down. Have you reached a solution? How fast did you get it?

Quizzes need your full brain power by using both your wits and your speed. They keep your brain stimulated while at the same time giving you a fun and relaxing break from your everyday chores. Not only do they improve your memory and boost your concentration but constant mental training can also delay mental diseases and make you instantly more attentive throughout your day.

The Solution

Here is how we can break it down: 7(7-2×3) =?

1- First of all, we need to start with solving the multiplication in the brackets
7 (7- 6)

2- Then you solve the equation within the brackets
7 (1)

3- Now you can continue with solving the multiplication:
7 x 1 = 

4- Now you have the solution to the equation: It’s 7

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