In the following article, we will explain the basics formula of bar bending schedule. By going through the following video, you can learn the tips to create and determine the steel cutting length. Bar bending schedule provides the reinforcement calculation for the reinforced concrete beam. It also provides details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends, bend length and it is created in MS Excel software.

Bar Bending Schedule Fundamentals Formula

Crank Length formula:
Crank Length = 0.42D, where D denotes dia of steel that is utilized in the beam.

Over Lapping Length formula:

Here, there are two types of lapping i.e. Tension member and Compression member.
Tension member = 40 D
Compression member = 50 D

Hook’s Length formula for stirrups:
Hook Length in stirrups = 9 D

Bend Hook length formula in beam:
Formula: 10D

For more information watch this video

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