So, do you know what a rocket stove is?

Whether homemade or commercially designed and manufactured, a camping or outdoor rocket stove burns a small number of small pieces of wood to create and channel a lot of heat … fast. They can be excellent cooking stoves for doing things like boiling water or frying in a skillet if you build it in a way to control the amount of air pulled into the fire and up through the chimney. The more air, the hotter the fire burns. The less air, the cooler it burns.

It’s called a “rocket” stove because when positioned with a good breeze taking air through the feed door, into the combustion chamber, and up the chimney, it will roar like a rocket engine. And you’ll be cranking out an amazing amount of heat with just a little bit of fuel.

If you want a rocket stove for a campsite you use regularly or even for your backyard cooking area, here’s a way to build one quickly and inexpensively with cement blocks, patio pavers, and bricks. Though you can quickly assemble and disassemble this version of the rocket stove, you won’t want to tote it around in your pack! The commercial designs are better for that.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build an Outdoor Cooking Rocket Stove

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