Building Estimation

It is processed by predicting the probable cost of a project by calculating material quantity and their costing with help of market rates before undertaking any construction project.


A building estimator or cost estimator is an individual that quantifies the materials, labour, and equipment needed to complete a construction project.

Following Quantities are calculated to Estimate

1- Excavation

2- Footing P.C.C.

3- Footing R.C.C.

4- Column up to Plinth Level R.C.C.

5- Backfilling

6- Plinth Beam R.C.C.

7- Grae Slab R.C.C.

8- Column Up to Slab Level R.C.C.

9- Brick Masonry

10- In Side Plaster

11- Out Side Plaster

12- Ceiling Plaster

13- Slab R.C.C.

14- In Side Paint

15- Out Side Pint

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