What Is Concrete Mix Ratio?

A properly designed mixture possesses the desired workability for the fresh concrete and the required durability and strength for the hardened concrete. Typically, a mix is about 10 to 15 % cement, 60 to 75 % aggregate and 15 to 20 % water. This concrete mix ratio of aggregate to sand to cement is an important factor in determining the compressive strength of the concrete mixture.

Type of Concrete Mix Ratio.

As Per IS Code 456-2000 three different part of Concrete Mix Ratio

1- Nominal Concrete Mix Ratios

Concrete Grade
Mix Ratio
Compressive Strength
MPa (N/mm2) psi
Normal Grade of Concrete
M5 1 : 5: 10 5 MPa 725 psi
M7.5 1: 4: 8 7.5 MPa 1087 psi
M10 1 : 3: 6 10 MPa 1450 psi
M15 1 : 2: 4 15 MPa 2175 psi
M20 1: 1.5 : 3 20 MPa 2900 psi

2- Standard Mixes Ratio

Concrete Grade
Mix Ratio
Compressive Strength
MPa (N/mm2) psi
Standard Grade of Concrete
M25 1: 1: 2 25 MPa 3625 psi
M30 Design Mix 30 MPa 4350 psi
M35 Design Mix 35 MPa 5075 psi
M40 Design Mix 40 MPa 5800 psi
M45 Design Mix 45 MPa 6525 psi

3- High Strength Concrete Mix Ratio

Concrete Grade
Mix Ratio
Compressive Strength
MPa (N/mm2) psi
High Strength Concrete Grades
M50 Design Mix 50 MPa 7250 psi
M55 Design Mix 55 MPa 7975 psi
M60 Design Mix 60 MPa 8700 psi
M65 Design Mix 65 MPa 9425 psi
M70 Design Mix 70 MPa 10150 psi

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Slump value of Concrete

The concrete slump test measures the consistency of fresh concrete before it sets. It is performed to check the workability of freshly made concrete, and therefore the ease with which concrete flows. It can also be used as an indicator of an improperly mixed batch. The test is popular due to the simplicity of the apparatus used and simple procedure. The slump test is used to ensure uniformity for different loads of concrete under field conditions.

Concrete Mixes Slump range in mm
Columns, Retaining Walls 75-150mm
Beams & Slabs 50-100mm
CC Pavements 20-30mm
Decks of bridge 30-75mm
Vibrated Concrete 12-25mm
Huge Mass Constructions 25-50mm

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