Pendant lights, also known as drop or suspended lights, are singular lighting fixtures that are suspended down from a ceiling above. Commonly hung individually over a single surface, or in linear arrangements comprised of multiple matching pendants, pendant lights come in a variety of design styles from minimal to attention-grabbing. Pendant lights are comprised of a chain, rod, or cord, amount, a bulb, and a designed washer.

When choosing the correct ceiling lighting for your kitchen island, front porch, foyer, dining room, living room, or bedroom, the size and placement are the two largest factors. Although personal preference is paramount in the decision-making process, some general best practices that can be followed to help guide your decisions

How high should pendant lights be hung above a countertop and dining table?

Pendant lights should be hung between 28”-36” | 71-91 cm above a countertop surface and customized to avoid obstructing views by the tallest people that may use the surface.

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