What Is Brick Masonry?

Brick Masonry is the systematic arrangement of brick and bonding with cement mortar or Lime mortar. The strength of the brick masonry depends upon (i) the Quality of the bricks, (ii) the Quality of the mortar, and (iii) the Method of bonding used.

Closer bricks: The brick is cut in such a way that one portion remains with the break and another part for closing the gap.

Queen Closer:

A brick cut in half down its length.

King Closer:

A brick cuts a corner & joins the middle points of the width and length of the brick.

Three Quarter Bat:

A brick cut to three-quarters of its length, and laid with its long, narrow side exposed.

Half Brick Bat:

A brick was cut in half across its width and laid in the wall structure.

Bevelled Closer:

In this break, the stretcher face is bevelled in such a way that at one end half-width, and on another end, full width is maintained.

Mitered Closer:

In this break, the one and it is cut in a mitered manner. That is a 45 to 60-degree angle with length. It is shown in the above diagram.

Squint Closer:

It is also cut brick. the portion of the cut forms angles other than the right angle. Exterior or interior corners are to be built at some angle and also for ornamental purposes.

Bull Nose Closer:

It is otherwise a standard brick having one arris or edge rounded. It is used for decoration purposes.

Cow Nose Closer:

It is similar to a bull nose but has both edges on the side rounded. It may be called a double bullnose. Use for ornamental purposes.

Quarter Bat:

A brick cut to a quarter of its length.

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