Most people, but not all, are recycling their glass and plastic bottles. Recycling isn’t offered in every town, and even when it is, there is often a limit on the types of plastic that are accepted. That’s where garden bottle upcycling comes into play. With the resurgence of DIY projects, there are plenty of ideas for gardening with old bottles.

Repurposing old and used objects is a great way to help clean up the environment. Repurposing adds creative flair to a garden and offers the satisfaction of doing your part for the environment.

Plastic bottles can be a nuisance. Piled in landfills, filling up garbage dumps, and littering the roads, these items like many other garbage items are tossed aside and allowed to pollute our environment.

Recycling is the process of converting disposed paper, plastic, and glass into reusable items to prevent waste, landfill buildup, and pollution. This process helps to cut down on the surplus production of new disposable items that often end up scattered about roadways and bodies of water, causing harmful impacts to wildlife and to the environment.

While recycling plays a huge role in the green movement, there are other ways to reduce pollution and garbage buildup. Here we will focus primarily on plastic bottles such as water bottles, soda bottles, and so on.

The first and most obvious option is to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of plastic bottles at all. Water filters that fit the faucet of kitchen sinks are becoming increasingly popular. These provide great-tasting water without chemicals and small mineral particles. The use of water bottles can be eliminated by installing these and refilling a travel thermos to take on the go. If this isn’t an option, simply refilling a used water bottle a few times rather than throwing them away can reduce plastic litter.

While these are all considerable options, plastic bottles are a fantastic resource as planters in your garden. Plastic bottles can be used to plant individual herbs. Place your seedlings in one of these bottles and allow a few to line your window sill in the kitchen. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight, and in time you will have a fresh store of herbs to use while cooking right in your own kitchen.

Plastic bottles can also be used for vertical and horizontal gardens along a stone wall or fence. Here are a few creative ideas for vertical and horizontal gardens using plastic bottles

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