Plastic Bottles as a Construction Material

Plastic bottles, specifically PET bottles, can be repurposed as a construction material. Plastic bottles are used to build houses, water wells, raised bed gardens, and more. Plastic bottle houses in hot climates are cool, solid, windproof, waterproof, and bulletproof. Discarded plastic bottles are free and readily available for building projects.

Advantages of Plastic Bottles vs. Bricks
  • Plastic bottles are low-cost and non-brittle.
  • They absorb abrupt shock loads and are bioclimatic and reusable.
  • Using plastic bottles for construction reduces the need for other building materials.
  • It is easy to use plastic bottles for construction and contributes to green construction.
Materials Required for Building
  • Approximately 7,800 plastic bottles are required for a one-bedroom house.
  • Sand, cement, string, and clay-type earth are needed for construction.
  • Having plenty of willing helpers is necessary for filling bottles with sand.

Building Steps
  • Prepare the bottles by filtering sand and filling the bottles tightly with sand.
  • Build a solid foundation using a high-quality cement mix.
  • Construct support columns and corners with sand-filled bottles bound together.
  • Build walls by aligning sand-filled bottles and securing them with cement or mud.
  • Choose an appropriate roof material such as traditional tiles or sod and turf.
  • Windows, doors, and interior dividers can be added using normal materials.

Plastic bottle houses have structural integrity and can bear heavy loads. Nigeria’s first house built from discarded plastic bottles is a tourist attraction. The technique of using plastic bottles for construction is known as ECOTEC.


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