For construction works, we need a plain surface. So far in every construction either you need a plain plot or you need soil or sand for filling plot to make the surface plain. It is impossible to work in steep land or construct something in steep or slope land. So, in this article, we will discuss the calculation process to find out the volume of soil/sand and the number of trolley or tucks required for filling the plot.

Let start

Length of the plot = 40 feet.

Width of the plot = 30 feet.

Area of the plot = Length x Width = 40 x 30 =1200 sft.

Suppose we need to fill the plot by 3’5” = 3.41 feet.

∴ Depth of the plot = 3.41 feet.

Volume of plot to be filled = 1200 x 3.41 = 4092 cft.

This volume is for the loose state.

For full compacted state, required quantity of soil/sand for filling the plot = 4092 x 1.30 = 5319.6 cft= 5320 cft. (1.30 is factor)

Now we will calculate required no of trally/ trucks.

Suppose a trally can carry 70 cft soil.

∴ No. of trally required = 5320/70 = 58.45 = 76 no. of trally.

Suppose a truck can carry 500 cft.

∴ No. of trucks required = 5320/500 = 11 no. of trucks.


The capacity of the trolley and truck is var from place to place and company brand. According to the requirements of the owner of the truck/trolley, they bought different so we did not mention standard size. But usually, the stander size is based on the calculation of cubic meters.

For more information watch this video

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