Natural Stone Design: Installing stone facing is a great way to add character to a home or business. It can be used to create the look of a natural stone floor, without the hassle of actually installing one. This project is easy to do at home and requires minimal tools, but it does require some care when working with your existing materials.

Most stone veneers will require a level but if you’re aiming to create a more natural look then a more complex arrangement process must be established. Larger stone veneers like Fieldstone, Tuscan Fieldstone, and Cobble Stone will require

Many homeowners have the experience, skills, and confidence with do-it-yourself projects that will allow them to install stone veneer themselves.

Here are some issues that even experienced handymen will want to consider before embarking on their project:

  • Consult your local building authority to ensure you understand and follow local building regulations. Your local authority may have specific guidelines that will supersede the manufacturer’s recommended methods. Some jurisdictions require the installation of a drain screen behind the entire manufactured stone veneer for outdoor applications.
  • If your project is an outdoor application, be sure you understand and are confident you can install the necessary flashing and accessory materials to ensure water is shed properly.
  • Use only manufacturer-approved materials and accessories.

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