The easiest way to create a figurine for a garden is concrete leaves, which even an inexperienced master can make from cement mortar and burdock leaves. From such leaves, in turn, you can build anything, up to a waterfall. A garden path made of leaves looks no less impressive. Concrete leaves can be a great support for water from a downpipe. An original “stone flower” and at the same time a drinking bowl for birds – from the same leaves. The cute giant leaf mushroom is another great idea.

Everything you need for work

  • large burdock leaves;
  • Portland cement;
  • sand;
  • water.

Proceed like this

1- Pick the most beautiful large leaves without cracks and damage, rinse from dirt, dry.

2- Mix 1/3 of the cement and sand by adding water. You should get the consistency of the curd mass.

3- To make a depression in the finished sculpture, place the sheet on a bag of sand.

4- Fill the top of the sheet with cement.

5- Wait until the solution is completely dry. Then peel off the sheet.

6- Transform pre-made leaves into tall or low sculptures, bird drinkers, planters, and more.

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