When somebody is buying a new flat-screen TV, there are two common questions. What size TV do I need for my room – and what is the best TV viewing distance? The fact is that these two things are related, and the answer you get for one question will affect the other. One of the great things about modern TVs is they are available in screen sizes much larger than an old-style CRT TV. As they are much thinner and lighter, they can easily be hung on a wall or stood on a piece of furniture.

However, because we are not so used to these big-screen TVs, it can be difficult to decide which size is best for the room. And, where we should position the screen. Do we just buy the largest screen we can afford, or is it possible to get a screen that is just too darn big for the room? So, are there any guidelines that we can use to decide on the best TV or projector screen size for our room?

Let’s take a look.

How Is the TV Screen Size Measured?

The size of a flat-screen TV is usually measured on a diagonal line from the top left corner down to the bottom right. Or, bottom left to top right, if you prefer. Hopefully, it’s the same!

This distance is often quoted in inches. And different manufacturers will offer various sizes in their product range. Sometimes you may see the size of a TV listed as the width or the height of the screen. But using the diagonal distance is the conventional way. Currently, there are two main types of TV – an LED and an OLED TV. You might be surprised to know that these two different types are available in very different screen sizes. You can expect to find LED TVs ranging from about 15 to 80-inches. And, in some cases, more.

However, at the time of writing, OLED TVs are only available in larger screen sizes. Usually around 50-inch to 85-inch. So, one thing you need to understand is that the size of the screen you buy may be limited by the type of technology you want. However, once you have decided on the type of HDTV that you want, how do you choose the right screen size for your room? And, what is the best distance to view your TV from?

Finding the Best Screen Size and TV Viewing Distance

The first thing to appreciate here is that this isn’t an exact science. Yes, there are some calculations that we can make to give a better idea. And I will look at some in a while. But, ultimately, there are several factors which can affect your opinion of the right-sized TV for your room:

  • Personal taste
  • The location in the room
  • The resolution of the TV pictures you are watching
  • Even the quality of your eyesight!

You can put two people in the same room, and both may have a different opinion of the right size screen and the best viewing distance. However, it can help to get some solid numbers to give us a starting point.

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