Building construction with plastic bottles are low-cost and eco-friendly. Construction of plastic bottle walls, roofs, and their benefits in buildings is discussed.

Why Plastic Bottles for Building Construction?

The packaging and plastic bottles are unlimited today. They comprise a large portion of the waste to form greenhouse gasses all around the world. The reuse of plastic bottles is a more efficient solution than recycling. This reuse applied to build projects has gained popularity. The plastic bottles now can be treated as a building block material similar to bricks for small-scale construction. This hence will form a secondary function of bottles, to keep them rid from throwing into landfills. They are readily available and economic building material.

Benefits of Building Construction with Plastic Bottles

The following benefits are gained to the whole environment and society by employing plastic bottles in building construction:

1- The total waste generated is reduced

2- The source of building material is local. No additional cost for the same

3- The natural resources are protected

4- The carbon footprint is reduced

5- The plastic bottle is inexpensive

6- The technology used is small and easy to implement

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