What is plant decorating?

Simply put, is decorating our homes with plants! As an Interior Designer, I always get asked for ideas and recommendations on how to best and properly decorate homes.  Questions generally vary from paint colors to flooring types, from cabinet materials to what to hang on the walls.  Some of the questions, like material and finishes, are more Interior Design related than Decor related. However, based on what I am hearing, people are generally looking for ease of maintenance and durability on all fronts, and I can’t blame anybody for that! I am all over it.

The one thing people don’t often take into consideration is the alternative green and healthy way to decorate a home, or better, plant decorating! In addition to the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoor plants have many health benefits and surrounding ourselves with green, living, and breathing decor is incredibly beneficial for our bodies and minds! Indoor Plants eliminate toxins from the air, improving our home air quality. They are energizing for the mind by lowering our stress levels and encouraging deeper sleep. As the say goes; “Plants make people happy”, so why not give plant decorating a chance? A lot can be done to enhance our home decor, (and office if you will), with plants. So why decorating with plants is not a consideration when planning a new home or a renovation?

For two main reasons:

1. People are simply not aware of the many amazing ways we can decorate with plants and enhance our rooms!

2. People have the misconception that plants require too much time and maintenance.

Trust me, I am one of the many people out there not having enough hours in a day to do everything it needs to be done! However, by simply being interested in low-maintenance plants, I learned so much about the many options available out there for easy care plants, plant decorating and plants related decor objects. I got hooked on the topic of plant decorating so much that I want to share this knowledge and passion with you! The intent of this article is to open your eyes, (and mind), to the many possibilities we all have to decorate our homes with plants and how some beautiful and unique options are almost maintenance-free! Here are some of the most popular plant decorating options for our homes.  You can pick any idea and adapt it to suit your home, taste, and lifestyle.

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