Windsocks typically are used at airports to indicate the direction and strength of the wind to pilots and at chemical plants where there is a risk of gaseous leakage. They are sometimes located alongside highways at windy locations. At many airports, windsocks are lit at night, either by floodlights on top surrounding it or with one mounted on the pole shining inside it.
Wind direction is the direction in which the windsock is pointing. Wind speed is indicated by the windsock’s angle relative to the mounting pole; in low winds, the windsock droops; in high winds, it flies horizontally.

Each Windsock contains some stripes over the sock material at a specific distance with equally different alternate colors. Windsock stripes are also known as the term Knots that may range from 3 to 15 knots. Each successive knot denotes the increase in the wind speed that has flown away due to wind running in the Environment or the Particular fields.

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