The work needs to be done in accordance with the preconditions either particularly stated somewhere else or not. Nothing additional in whatever sort is going to be remunerated except it is certainly mentioned like an entry in the Bill of Quantities. Every work needs to be done all at once with sanitary, plumbing, electrical, and additional services and in support of the service providers of the abovementioned services. The work has to be resumed until it is done adequately in conjunction with the fulfilment of additional basic services.

The building contractor must inform the additional service providers about the planned work program beforehand, in order that the building work is not delayed. The contractor must also interact with different contractors with regard to a service or facility needed by them, such as creating holes in formwork for electrical conduits, sanitary pipes, fan hook, etc. Though, nothing additional payment must be allowable for the practical help, services and facilities offered to additional contractors and building contractors must consider such aspects when estimating the prices.

The work must be associated with the representations which the contractor is supposed to have analyzed. No additional is going to be compensated for a thing due to its form, place or additional complex situation, in case the programme makes no difference, as far as the thing is displayed in the representations.

The materials’ supplies mentioned in the preconditions are ones from which materials are usually obtainable. Though, materials not complying with preconditions must be denied in case they result from the set supplies/sources.  The contractor must convince himself that an adequate amount of materials of the adequate condition is there from the declared or additional supplies/sources. The prerequisites of preconditions must be satisfied by the contractor with no additional prices, such as the item prices estimated must be assumed to have considered such conditions.

Precautions: The contractor must be accountable for the well-being of all labourers and take steps required to assure their well-being.

These measures must comprise

  • Prerequisite of wellbeing and urgent guidelines for gas, fire, and electric shock avoidance, along with rescue and relief process arrangement.
  • Secure management of flowing water.
  • Prerequisite and preservation of appropriate lighting to offer sufficient illumination at the workplace with suitable spares along with a standby unit.
  • Prerequisite and preservation of sound slings, safe, ropes, pulleys and additional lifting equipment
  • Prerequisite of secure access to any portion of the works.
  • Prerequisite of announcements in regional accent provisionally or lastingly for the duration of construction on sites probable to be utilized by the public. The placing of the announcements must rely on the continuation of the type of work in the surrounding area. Such announcements must be along with all the additional valid prerequisites required of the contractor.

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