It is a paste obtained by adding water to a mixture of fine aggregates such as sand and binding material. The safety, strength, and durability of the resulting wall or any structure depend on the quality of the mortar used as a binding medium. Building mortars are mixtures, used for the joining of bricks and stones.

Functions of mortar

  1. It provides force or cohesion between the structural unit.
  2. It acts as a medium for distributing the forces throughout the structure uniformly.
  3. Additional strength and resistance against the rain penetration and other such weathering agencies.
  4. In stone or brick masonry, it fills up empty joints, a thin liquid mortar used for such purposes is termed, Grout.

Qualities or properties of mortar

  1. The mortar mix should be workable- easily transported to the place of application.
  2. It should develop adequate strength in tension, compression, and bond for the work for it is used.
  3. It should capable of retaining sufficient water during its application.
  4. It should be sufficiently plastic easily placed on the bed for construction in the form of a thin, smooth, and uniform layer.
  5. It should be durable and strong in itself on drying and hardening at the same time. It should not react in any way with construction units.
  6. It should set and garden quickly construction could be done with speed.
  7. It should not develop any cracks on drying and should be able to maintain its appearance for a quite long period.
  8. It should capable of developing the designed stresses.
  9. It should be economical to make without compromising on any of the qualities.

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