Modern concrete spiral staircases and curved concrete stairs are growing in popularity. Using the latest technology,  Spiral staircase dimensions should be carefully prepared. Spiral staircases are usually considered a means of secondary excess. These are constructed in addition to the primary staircase to enhance the aesthetics and interior of the rooms because of their compactness (occupying smaller space) and availability of various choice of geometric designs and handrail types.

Spiral staircases are also preferred to provide excess to loft expansion, terrace, and the area which have limited accessibility and less load. Because they occupy smaller space than other types of staircases and save precious space. They can be constructed anywhere, inside or outside, providing minimum support structures i.e. a vertical column.


  • Spiral staircase occupies much lesser space than that of the straight or L Straight staircase thus they help to save precious space.
  • They provide better aesthetics due to the availability of a wide variety of geometric designs and material choices.
  • They don’t require wall support so can be constructed anywhere with help of only vertical column support.
  • They can be much more economical compared to other staircases.

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