Elvira model is a 2-bedroom small house plan with porch roofed by a concrete deck canopy and supported by two square columns. This house plan has an open garage that can accommodate 2 cars. Why open garage? simply because the client has the option to choose from an open and roofed one. Design can always be customized to add roof on the garage. The porch is 4.5 x 1.5 m in size having 2 steps elevating it to 300 mm from the ground or the floor level in the garage.

The roof of the porch is a solid reinforced concrete supported by a twin column on the left side adding some style on the front elevation. Upon entering the main entrance, you can see that the room is all the way thru the kitchen. Living room and dining is somewhat combined, but putting a small dining table can give more space for the living area. The 2 bedrooms sized at 3 x 3 m is laid out on the left side of the house sharing a common toilet and bath located near the kitchen.

Conchita – 2 Bedroom Duplex House Plan with roof deck which has a total area of 120 sq.m. The combined living area and dining are carefully planned to make space a little wider so the locations of each area are adjustable. With a corner window in front of the living area, you can have a view of the front and partially viewing the garage making you aware of what is happening in the area. Kitchen is L-type counter with the refrigerator, gas range and a sink as its components together with a built-in cabinet above. The door at the kitchen leads to the service area in which a stair can be access to go to the Roof Deck.

This is a 3 bedroom 2 toilet and bath small efficient house plan with porch and also a single attached house. Good living is experienced in this house plan with a total floor area of 93 sq.m.Bedroom 1 which can also be a master’s bedroom has its own toilet and bath and optional built-in cabinets. The other 2 bedrooms which are located opposite to the master’s bedroom share a common toilet and bath in the kitchen area. The porch will welcome you to enter the living room strategically located at the centre of this small efficient house plan and all the way to the open dining and kitchen. A well-defined kitchen has an L-type counter which is very efficient for space-saving.

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