The correct and consistent use of colors, materials, and light in the interior undoubtedly has a great effect on perceiving the space. Setting the consistency and harmony in the interior correctly is not just about equipping the space with similar objects. The perfect fiction of interior design; is possible by emphasizing some details and situations while considering the space as a whole with the concepts of volume, proportion, material, scale, and color.

So, what does bringing one or more of these concepts to the fore in a certain proportion compared to other elements, that is, creating contrast in the space, give the space? The contrast in the interior is in itself a savior in strengthening the dynamics of the space and stripping the environment from dullness and monotony. The proportional contrasts in design language, material, color, transparency, or scale make the look more attractive and dynamic.

There is also a misunderstanding that contrast is a highlight or an accent. In order for the contrast to reach its purpose and perception, there should be at least two objects/elements in the fiction of interior design. In other words, the goal is not to make an item stand out or dominant, but to make two or more colors/objects/situations compete with each other and to activate the passive one.

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