Have you ever heard about something called the concrete bag retaining wall? More and more people are getting interested in this supporting structure, mainly because of the ease of building it. They call it a stress-reducing option for creating a supporting structure for the ground.

Yes, the easy building is one of the most significant key points that you can find in this retaining wall type. Even if you do not have advanced building skills, as long as you know how to build it correctly, we are sure that you can create it.

This post will share with you all the facts and ideas about concrete bag retaining walls. Reading this further will tell you all the things you must know about this structure just if you are interested in building a stress-free retaining wall that will never give you a headache.

What Is Concrete Bag Retaining Wall?

Just like the name, it is a retaining wall that is made from concrete bags. The remarkable thing about it is that the way to build it is as simple as stacking each unopened bag on top of each other until they all form a wall. However, it is not the same as the conventional retaining wall in which different materials like blocks and stones might be needed.

In some cases, reinforced bars are needed to make this type of retaining structure stronger and steadier. If that is so, a professional job is commonly necessary.

From the function point of view, it works the same as other retaining walls, which is a supporting structure. It helps keep soil in place to avoid inclines, erosions, or a building from collapse.

Based on the function, retaining walls like this are often found in residential areas with multiple levels. In some cases, it is used for intentionally creating leveling necessary in a landscape.

The Pros and Cons of Retaining Walls from Concrete Bags


  • Simple
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for a DIY project
  • Suitable for residential needs or even something bigger, such as flood and erosion control


  • The larger and taller retaining wall needs extra time and energy, including also more compatible tools and devices, such as a tractor.
  • Building mistakes can possibly make the wall easily collapse in the future.
  • Driving the rebars into the concrete bags (when necessary) can be a tough job, especially if you have never done it before.

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