Bernoulli’s Equation

Bernoulli’s equation is a special case of the general energy equation that is probably the most widely-used tool for solving fluid flow problems. It provides an easy way to relate the elevation head, velocity head, and pressure head of a fluid. It is possible to modify Bernoulli’s equation in a manner that accounts for head losses and pump work. Bernoulli’s equation is a simple but incredibly important equation in physics and engineering that can help us understand a lot about the flow of fluids in the world around us.

Bernoulli’s Principle Formula

Bernoulli’s equation formula is a relation between pressure, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energy of a fluid in a container.

The formula for Bernoulli’s principle is given as:

p + 1/2 ρ v2 + ρgh =constant

  • p is the pressure exerted by the fluid
  • v is the velocity of the fluid
  • ρ is the density of the fluid
  • h is the height of the container

In this video, we’ll look at how the equation can be used, and we’ll explore a range of different applications.

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