Electric cars are great for many things. They’re fast, they’re insanely efficient, and they can start with a full charge every morning, eliminating your need for “fuel stops” depending on your daily commute. Unfortunately, electric cars do come with their problems. The two main issues holding back electric cars from a much larger market share, in my opinion, are price, and energy density. Battery packs are massive, heavy, and don’t store all that much energy.

As a result, electric cars are very heavy and don’t have much energy on board. Thankfully, electric cars make up for their lack of energy by being insanely efficient, so electric cars can still travel very far distances before needing to recharge. But what if we add a trailer into the mix, and tow with our electric vehicle? In this video, we’ll work on the math on whether or not towing with today’s electric cars is feasible.

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