If you are thinking to do some landscaping or decorate your garden with something unusual and unique then how about making use of tree stumps? In this way you can bring a fallen tree or a dead stump to good use. So, take a look at the cool ideas below and see which one do you like the best

1- Thinner Tree Stumps Can Make Great Candle Holders as Well

2- Make a Cool Sculpture from the Tree Stump

3- Transform The Tree Stump Into a Planter

4- Stretch Your Creative Muscle and Build a Bench with Stumps

5- How About These Tree Stump Outdoor Lights? Amazing! Aren’t They?

6- Paint The Tree Stump Into a Cute Garden Art Like These

7- Place a Glass Top Tree Stump Table with Your Outdoor Seating

8- You Can also Make Individual Seats Like These

9- Turn the Tree Stump Into a Cute Fairy House

10- Build a Tree House If The Stump is Strong Enough to Hold The Structure

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