You don’t always need to have real plants to enjoy their beauty. Using these awesome DIY Crochet Plants ideas, you can decorate your home in style! Artificial plants can bring a natural appeal indoors with an added advantage of being completely maintenance-free! So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy the look of plants without having to worry about caring for them, then you should check out these awesome DIY Crochet Plants ideas!

1- Potted Plant Pattern

Here’s a cute little plant pattern with bright yellow flowers that’ll look charming on tabletops!

2- Crochet Succulents

Using just the basic crocheting skills, you can make these different succulent patterns with matching colours.

3- Mini Artificial Succulent

Crochet a small round succulent and larger spikey succulents to plant them in a matching pot for an enhanced look!

4- Succulent Scrubbies

You can make these attractive succulent designs using a red heart scrubby cotton in different patterns and prints.

5- Crochet a Fence Post Cactus

Cacti always bring an appealing look indoors, and if you do not want to grow the real plant, you can always crochet them beautifully like this one!

6- Crochet Cactus in a Cup

Crochet cactus in a cup that can be a really cute addition to a tabletop or a windowsill.

7- Crochet Succulents in Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars serve as great planters and they’ll be equally good to put colourful crochet succulents in them!

8- DIY Amigurumi Crochet Kawaii Cactus

If you are a crochet hobbyist, then making these adorable cacti plants in mini pots will be a fun DIY for you!

9- Colorful Crochet Flowers

These colourful crochet flowers can make for a great gift to your loved ones as they’re never going to wilt away!

10- Crochet Beautiful Tulips

Crochet beautiful tulips with green stems and keep them at tables or shelves for a charming look indoors.

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