Pile foundation is one of the most popular choices for heavy loaded structures and in cases where poor soil conditions are found at a shallow depth. But pile foundations may fail due to different reasons. One must take proper precautions before designing pile foundations so that the possibility of such failure reduces. Causes of failure of pile foundation are given below

1- Inaccurate determination of the bearing capacity of the pile.

2- When the pile load is greater than the design load.

3- Poor and defective workmanship while casting the pile.

4- Corrosion of the timber pile because of assault by insects.

5- Defective techniques used while driving the pile.

6- Bearing pile laying on delicate strata.

7- Buckling of the piles because of insufficient lateral support.

8- Faulty soil investigation.

9- Selecting the wrong type of pile.

10- Inappropriate characterization of soil.

11- Inadequate reinforcement in the pile.

12- A decay of piles. (like an attack of insects, corrosion etc.)

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