Accidents on the road can happen at any time. It can come suddenly and unexpectedly. The worst part is that it may result in severe injuries and death in some unfortunate cases. Most people tend to associate highway accidents with the error of a driver. Leading causes of vehicular accidents include careless driving, drunk driving, over-speeding, and many more. The most overlooked cause of automobile accidents is road defects.

Highway pavement is an essential component of the overall transportation system providing access to various parts of the world and facilitating the movement of people and goods. Due to its immense importance, it must be well maintained in and timely repaired. Else, several problems may arise, ultimately leading to the failure of the pavement itself.

Pavement failure may occur due to various factors such as deep potholes, shallow potholes, surface deterioration, edge failure, cracking, crazing, rutting, and subsidence. landslide, earthquake excessive vehicular stress, sunlight exposure, water intrusion, unequal expansion and contraction due to seasonal changes, etc.

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