A comfortable house is always associated with a large house with large land and majestic classic design. But to get a luxury house like that definitely requires a lot of money and not everyone has enough money to build a luxurious home. Having a house is a dream of many people, especially for those who have worked and already have a family.

When designing your home and you have limited space, a clever strategy would be to annex the unused space to house a space-saving kitchen under the stairs. Creating a small kitchen that is functional can take some real design ingenuity. Adding the kitchen to the dead space under your staircase is no exception! Trying to make the kitchen fit under the stairs adds a whole new layer of complexity to the design scheme when laying outs its functions. You need to decide what goes under the lowest part of the stair tread and what part of the kitchen needs the coveted space with the most generous headroom.

Depending on space, the kitchen can be designed as a linear single wall of cabinets with all of the appliances fitting in. If there is more space, an island can be added across, even a rolling island if your kitchen is more compact and needs to be moved to create space when not in use. Fitting everything in can be a huge undertaking, so we have compiled numerous examples of how you can make your design work depending on the layout of your home. Here’s a roundup of kitchens that maximize below-stairs space.

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