Sliding doors are making a big comeback…it’s official. In the past, it was a concept that gained some popularity for a short period of time but soon disappeared. Things have changed, the sliding door is back with a bang, in a way that we have never seen before. In this post, we will demonstrate some interior sliding door design ideas that will help you get inspired.

What is so different now? There are a couple of aspects that have popularized sliding doors. First is the technical aspect, the rails and runners are much better designed meaning the operation is smoother and quieter. Secondly, the design factor has been reimagined. We are now looking for different aspects that show individuality. Therefore, having sliding doors is different from what others have.

There is also a functional aspect to it. As we move towards more open plan living, we can slide open the doors and leave them that way without an open door causing a nuisance.

Finally, the design aspect has changed significantly. Doors are available in all forms which means that there is something to meet your needs. Having a sliding door simply means that you can change up your designs to something you actually want rather than have to settle for a traditional door.

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