The love for natural materials and lighting can be expressed in different ways. Wood as a natural material, is warm and comfortable in the interior, pleasant to the eye and to the touch. Because of its characteristics, it is perfectly acceptable and is often used for making furniture, floor covering, and even walls. In addition, wood is a material that can be easily processed and shaped and often does not have to be painted, which is another plus for choosing it, in selecting materials for making useful objects.

Although uncommon for lamps, it is obvious that when they have a wooden part, can look completely different, from what we are used to. Whether it is about table lamp or floor lamp, even wall lamps and chandeliers can look very interesting, when are made of logs, dry branches, wooden slats, which are connected by ropes. The ideas are countless, but it all gets more interesting when you take into account the possibility that the wood is useful, whether is it treated or untreated, painted or not, raw, dried, glued, knitted, etc. If you don’t like the design of the wooden lamps in the market, you can make your own DIY wooden lamp. Take a look at our fascinating collection and you will find many creative wooden lamp designs. Enjoy our photo gallery!

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